Blackberry Patch

Guinea Pig Rescue

Tel: 07807 834519

"Dedicated to the welfare of unwanted guinea pigs"

We are a family run shelter and rescue for abused, abandoned and neglected Guinea Pigs based in Chelmsford, Essex.

BlackBerry Patch is a not for profit organisation with an open door policy to all unwanted Guinea Pigs. The rescue also helps with guinea pigs that have special needs ranging from poor health to behavioural problems. These are nursed back to health and when fit are then put up to be re-homed.

The rescue was established in 2004 as a result of a childhood love of Guinea Pigs. All animals that come to us are looked after as they were our own including medical and veterinary treatment

Blackberry Patch runs from donations from the re-homing of Guinea Pigs, through fund raising, support from local veterinary practises and the selling of indoor and outdoor hutches that have been donated onto us.

We have 35 years experience in the care of Guinea pigs which we are happy to share our knowledge regarding husbandry, behaviour and diet.

When animals are handed over to us they are quarentined for 2 weeks to make sure they are fit and healthy before being found forever new homes.

If you are looking of Guinea pigs please call or email us or view our Facebook page and we can let you know who we have staying with us.

Please note that we are not breeders, but a genuine rescue. We do have pregnant females come to us occasionally and sometimes have young available

When you adopt a Guinea pig from us they leave the rescue with ears cleaned, nails clipped and fur treated for potential parasites and mites. We supply a bag of food so you can mix with your own choice of Guinea pig food. There is also a booklet supplied with guidelines on proper care.

We offer a lifetime return policy so if in the event your situation changes the animal you adopted from us can be returned for any reason

For more information call 07807 834519 or email



Tel: 07807 834519                           BPR